Here are a few resources that are sure to benefit your health!

Recipes and Meal Plans:

Gathered Table is a meal plan service where you can pick and choose your recipes that suit your schedule and taste. They also general shopping lists and other resources. All recipes developed by Registered Dietitians.

Weekly Meal Plans
Meal plans are curated by nutritionists and feature wholesome, delicious recipes for 3 meals a day plus snacks.

Drag & Drop
It’s easy to drag and drop recipes to different days or to add your own recipes into your weekly plan.

Smart Shopping
Create grocery lists that combine all ingredients, filter out items you already have on hand, and update as you edit your meal plan.

Save Time & Money
Better planning leads to reduced waste and takeout and more time doing what you love

Eat Better
Our recipes use real ingredients so you’ll eat better and feel better

Collect and Share Recipes
Clip your favorite recipes from the web, organize them all in one place

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Break free from Binge Eating and Improve your Relationship to Food:

A lot of people have challenges with binge eating. And it is one area that I am not qualified enough to help. So I found a resource for you! A free e-book with tips on how to free yourself from binge eating:

It’s jam packed with great insights about…

  • How to handle the out of control feeling you have around food without dieting
  • How to finally lose weight without an ounce of willpower
  • Why eating your trigger foods is actually crucial to stop binge eating

My friend and colleague Julie Latz is giving it away for free right now. She’s the expert on teaching people how to stop binge eating and putting an end to sneaking and hiding food.

You can download your copy here.